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Automotive Components Engineering

Our service spectrum focuses on the development of exterior and interior automotive components with prominence given to the required production processes and client-specific demands. We attend to the project from the conceptual design stage through to the production-ready component. With our innovative ideas and know-how, we help achieve the optimum result.

Furthermore we support the development process through virtual (FEM) and experimental testing (provision of sample parts and prototypes according to the customer's specifications, including EPMB).

The Finite Element Method (FEM) is a modern calculation technique used to simulate mechanical stability. By means of this method, exact static and dynamic calculations can be made for individual components or complete subassemblies, thus reducing the need for costly and time-consuming testing.
This way necessary modifications and amendments can be identified at an early stage of development.

Plastic Components

  • Holding and fastening components (for electrical and mechanical components)
  • Interior and exterior components (facings, linings, covers)
  • Safety-active components (crash deformation elements)

Metal Components

  • Sheet-metal components as control equipment racks in the front carriage, undercarriage and vehicle interior
  • Safety-relevant components such as housings for burglar alarms, horn holders, shielding and deformation sheets

Textile Components

  • Insulation and floor coverings (multilayer damping, floor coverings, woven covers)

Software Used

  • Catia V5: Sheet Metal Design (SMD), Generative Shape Design (GSD), Functional molded parts (FMD), FEM
  • NX 8.5: Sheet Metal, Solid & Feature Modelling, Assembly Modelling, Rapid Prototyping